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Binge Watch

Binge Watch is a smooth and hazy New Zealand Pale Ale, filled with unique hop varieties that provide grapefruit, pine and white wine flavour notes. Foggy London yeast and hops combine to provide a complex flavour profile and silky mouthfeel. Style: New Zealand Pale Ale Availability: Year-Round Format: 4-Pack 473ml Can ABV: 4.5% IBU: 23 Hops: Enigma, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin Colour: Hazy/Bright Yellow
  • $17.13

Black & Blue Mead

This flavorful melomel mead provides the punch of black currants married to soft & sweet blueberries.
  • $24.95

Bodacious Black Currant Mead

This popular mead is made with locally grown black currants and provides a wonderful marriage of flavours with its light, fruity taste
  • $22.75

Buckaroo Buckwheat Mead

Made with buckwheat and alfalfa honey, this golden mead has a smoky flavour that is reminiscent of a light cognac
  • $20.00

Cherry Mi Amor

Cherry Mi Amor mead is made with Alberta Evans cherries. It has a rich, full flavour and the tart fruit marries nicely with the honey blend. It pairs well with sharp cheese, pastries and dark chocolate.
  • $22.75

Cherry Seduction Mead

Cherry Seduction is an exciting blend of Alberta’s finest honey and cherries, elevated to 16% ABV.
  • $35.00


From a blend of alfalfa, clover, wild flower and knapweed honey, this mead has a rich, full honey flavour. Pairs with strong, well aged cheese
  • $24.95

Fire n’ Spice Mead

Our distinguished metheglin blends all the best mulling spices for a wonderful, fragrant concoction.
  • $22.75

Ginger Bochet Mead

This beautiful and unique mead tastes of roasted marshmallows and caramel with a ginger finish
  • $25.00
  • Out of stock

Guienevere’s Elixir Mead

This traditional mead is similar to John Cameron Classic as it is a blend of honey varietals. This mead has a bold citrus nose with silky, floral notes and an off-dry finish
  • $22.75

John Cameron Classic Mead

This mead has a floral nose, is silky smooth on the palate and has a light apricot finish
  • $22.75

King Arthurs Dry Mead

  A modern style of mead derived from an alfalfa & clover honey blend.
  • $20.00

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