Brown Hamburger Buns (12)

12 whole wheat hamburger buns, perfect for all your BBQ needs. Whether its pulled meat, sloppy joes or hamburgers its the perfect bun for large sandwiches
  • $4.80

Buñuelos 2 pcs

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, baking powder, sea salt, sunflower oil.
  • $3.90

Cake of the Month – 7″

Flavor of the Month: Salted Caramel Florentine Our Cake of the month is 3 layers of chocolate cake, filled with florentine bit whipcream, topped with chocolate buttercream, salted caramel drizzle and florentine bits. Florentine cookies are made from ALMONDS. The cakes are FROZEN when they leave in the morning.
  • $29.00

Cheese Buns (bag of 6)

Our famous cheese buns, made with butter and old cheddar. A favorite of all who shop at the bakery.
  • $7.45

Cheese Scones (6)

6 of our soft flaky scones full of old cheddar cheese.
  • $6.40

Chocolate and White Cupcakes (6)

Can't decide between white or chocolate? Grab 3 of each to satisfy both cravings. Vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream.
  • $8.55

Chocolate Chip Buns (6)

Need something sweet? Love chocolate? Try our chocolate chip buns, same delicious dough as our cheese buns but we subbed out the cheese for chocolate! Available in packs of 6.
  • $7.45

Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookie Sandwich 2 Pack

A delicious Sandwich cookie with chocolate chip cookies, an icing layer and fudge drizzle
  • $8.95

Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate French pastry cream rests in a chocolate cookie crust, topped with fresh whipped cream, and garnished with chocolate shavings
  • $32.00
  • Out of stock

Chocolate Cupcakes (6)

6 of our chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream.
  • $8.55

Chocolate Dipped Shortbread (12)

Our traditional shortbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate. Available in packs of 12.
  • $7.70

Cinnamon Bread UNSLICED

Our delicious sweet bread rolled with cinnamon to create a perfect swirl. Ideal for toast, french toast or bread puddings.
  • $5.00

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