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Breakfast in Bed Bundle

Weekends are made for a lazy morning and breakfast in bed! Serves 4. Bundle includes maple bacon, free-range eggs and pork breakfast sausages from Alpine Sausage; fresh squeezed orange juice, strawberries and blueberries from Cherry Pit; Tropic Tea from Tea Trader; Original Waffle/Pancake Mix and Cosman Pure Maple Syrup.
  • $88.00

British Pub Fare – Bangers and Mash Bundle

Bangers and Mash, or sausages with mashed potatoes is a British pub food classic! Serves 4. Bundle includes 4 British Bangers from Alpine Sausage, peas, 5lbs of Russet Potatoes from Cherry  Pit and is perfectly paired with Ten Gardens Tea from Tea Trader.
  • $36.00

Burgers & Beer Bundle

Perfect pairing! The Burgers & Beer Bundle includes 4 Garlic Burgers and Double Smoked Bacon from Alpine Sausage, 6-pack of Village Nomad Craft Beer from Village Brewery and Hamburger Buns from Glamorgan Bakery. Alcohol Delivery is provided by West Direct: license #782344.
  • $44.60

Game Day Snacks Bundle – Beer, Wings and Chips

Score! This Game Day Snacks Bundle has it all! Bundle includes a six pack of Village Blonde beer from Village Brewery, 2 lbs of chicken wings from Alpine Sausage and Pico de Gallo Salsa, Guacamole & yellow corn chips from Tres Maria. Alcohol Delivery is provided by West Direct: license #782344.
  • $56.00

Huevos Rancheros With Chicken Chorizo Bundle

Huevos Rancheros is a classic Mexican breakfast. Super quick and easy, it makes a hearty breakfast for any day of the week. This bundle is a partnership with Alpine Sausage and Tres Marias. Serves 4 with leftovers.
  • $33.00

Margherita Pizza

Bake on White board in pre-heated 375°F oven for 26-28 minutes White board can be in the oven in temperatures up to 400° Don't bake in convection oven Ingredients: Pizza Dough (yeast, water, olive oil, semolina, 00 flour, salt), Marinara (tomato, onion, celery, carrot, garlic, bell pepper, spices), Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Oregano, Fior de Late, Grana Padano
  • $15.85

Picnic in the Park Bundle

No cooking needed, just grab and go! Gets you outside for some fun and out of the kitchen! Serves 4. Includes a fully cooked Smoked Chicken, Prosciutto, Salami, Wine Chorizo and Loaded Potato Salad with bacon from Alpine Sausage; Tabouli from 2 Greek Gals; Vegetable Sticks and Strawberries from Cherry Pit; Chateau d' Bourgogne from Peasant Cheese; Cheese Buns and Butter Tarts from Glamorgan Bakery.
  • $105.00

Traditional English Breakfast Bundle

For Brits, the traditional English breakfast is almost a national institution. Sometimes also called a "fry-up", this full breakfast bundle includes pork breakfast sausages, brown beans, free-range eggs and real British Rashers from Alpine Sausage; cherry tomatoes and mushrooms from Cherry Pit; and white bread for toast from Glamorgan Bakery. The tea pairing from Tea Trader is a proper English Breakfast tea. Serves 4.
  • $58.00

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