Variety Packs - Beverages

Better Days (Juice Cleanse)

1 day of Juice Cleanse! Popeye, Tropical Paradise, Flash, Hulk, Beet it!, Wonder Woman.
  • $45.99

Tisane – Fruit Infusion

A smooth and sweet rooibos base with well balanced infused fruits gives this refreshing choice a rich, red grape flavour with hints of zesty orange and vanilla in every bubble. A favorite of our kids and incredibly refreshing.
  • $3.00

Tisane – Hibiscus Cinnamon

An effervescent, tangy-tart blend of Hibiscus flower and Cinnamon. The bright crimson colour shines on our signature blend - pour this one over some ice for the full experience! Cranberry tartness is perfectly offset with the spicy cinnamon flavour and aroma.
  • $3.00

Tisane – Lemon Ginger

A perfect, sparkling balance of citrusy minty lemon grass that is wellcomplimented with the peppery sweetness of ginger spices. Fennelbrightens up this incredibly refreshing blend giving hints of an unsweetenedGinger Ale.
  • $3.00

Tisane – Yerba Mate Mountain Chai

Our caffeinated medley excites the taste buds with it's refreshing and sophisticated complexity. It's a sweet, smoky blend of sparkling yerba mate tea and a curated mix of organic spices that reminds us of one of our favorite Chai blends. At just under 60 mg of caffeine, it offers the perfect boost to get you powered up in the morning or power through your afternoon.
  • $3.00

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