Carstens Marzipan Pig

The marzipan pig is a very old traditional Northern European confectionery, which has been made during the Christmas month for more than a century. In Scandinavia, it is a tradition to use the marzipan pig, as an almond present for the dish Risalamande on Christmas Eve.
  • $4.50

Haribo Pepito

Sweet licorice with candy coating. 120 g.
  • $8.50

Haribo Starmix

A mix of all your favourites – Goldbears, Twin Snakes, Happy Cola, Happy Cherries and Gummi Rings, all in a single bag! 175 g.
  • $3.95

Matador Mix – Original – 500g

We don't mess around with licorice favourites - this is the big bag! A mixture of fruity wine gums and salty and sweet licorice. 340 g
  • $16.50

Swedish Marabou Fruit & Almond Chocolate Bar – 200 g

Classic almond and raisins. Product of Sweden.
  • $7.00

Swedish Marabou Popcorn Chocolate Bar – 185 g

Sweet and salty - yum! Product of Sweden.
  • $7.00

Taveners Wine Gums

These are the good ones, just like you remember. Real wine gums! 1 kg. Product of UK.
  • $12.95

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