Candy, Nuts & Chocolate

Sweet Chili Heat Cashews

Starts out sweet, ends with a big kick of heat! Cashews, Brown Sugar, Chili Powder, Aquafaba, Sea Salt
  • $9.75
  • $45.00

Taveners Wine Gums

These are the good ones, just like you remember. Real wine gums! 1 kg. Product of UK.
  • $12.95

Tom’s Blue Jeans Licorice

Salty licorice. 110 g. Product of Denmark.
  • $4.75

Tom’s Chocofant Licorice

Licorice with chocolate filling. Product of Denmark. 130 g
  • $5.50

Tom’s Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark, rich chocolate. Product of Denmark.
  • $2.95

Tom’s Guld Heksehyl Chocolate Bar – Licorice and Chocolate

European flavour combination favourite - chocolate and licorice together. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.50

Tom’s Guld Karameller Chocolate Bar – Caramel

Rich combination of chocolate and caramel. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.50

Tom’s Guld Milk Chocolate Bar

Creamy milk chocolate. Product of Denmark.
  • $2.95

Tom’s Guld Skilppade Chocolate Bar – Caramel Rum Turtle

Milk chocolate bar with soft rum toffee filling. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.50

Tom’s Heksehyl

One of the most popular licorices in all of Denmark. 1 kg.
  • $17.95

Tom’s Heksehyl Extreme

Strong licorice, extra spicy with chili flavour. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.50

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