Condiments & Spices

Condiments & Spices

  • $5.95
  • $5.95
Chile Ancho

Chile Ancho Mild 50 g

Dry hot peppers, smoky flavor
  • $4.35
Chile Chipotle Hot

Chile Chipotle Hot 50 g

Dry hot peppers.  Smoky hot flavor.
  • $4.35
Chile de Arbol

Chile de Arbol XHot 30 g

Hot dry peppers.
  • $3.30
  • $3.30
Chile Habanero XHot

Chile Habanero XHot 50 g

Dry hot peppers.  Extra hot.
  • $4.73
Chile Morita

Chile Morita Hot 50 g

Dry hot peppers.
  • $4.35
Chile Pasilla

Chile Pasilla Medium 50 g

Hot dried peppers.
  • $4.35
  • $10.70

Danish Italian Salad

A traditional Danish condiment with peas, carrots, macaroni and mayonnaise. Approx. 250g. Price shown is an estimate. Price is $1.55/100g and will depend on actual weight of the product.
  • $4.50

Epazote (dried) 50 g

Use as a spice to season dishes as beans, soups, stews, etc. If stems too large, try pulverizing them with a mortar and pestle, they soften plenty with extended cooking.
  • $3.85

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