Hand-crafted Artisan Leather Knife Roll

A stunning hand-crafted leather roll made with heavy leather. Perfect for the serious culinary craftsman. Made by a small business in Glamorgan.
  • $250.00

Honey Sampler Gift

A beautiful gift containing 6 of our creamy spreadable honeys flavoured with all natural ingredients paired with Raw Alberta Multifloral honey. Our workerbees are doing their best to get this back in stock as quickly as possible!!
  • $41.95

Summertime Mead Gift

Black & Blue, Raspberry Redemption, Summer Sassation 3 x 750 ml
  • $85.00

Traditional Mead Sample Pack

King Arthur's, Guinevere's Elixir and John Cameron Classic
  • $49.00

Whiskey Barrel Wood Blocks for Smokers

Add a gorgeous new flavour tone to your meat smoking. Made by a small business in Glamorgan.
  • $14.95

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