Danish Ribsgelé

Danish red current jelly. 400 g.
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Worthy Chocolate Blueberry Jam

Canadian grown blueberries shine in this decadent jam. You'll first taste the blueberry and then be left with a lingering hint of cocoa. This jam earned me the unofficial title of "Jam Wizard" by Calgary's own head chef Ralph of Blue Star Diner!!
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Worthy Earl Grey Lavender Peach Jam

This jam tastes as delicate and tender as it sounds. The intoxicating bergamot flavour dances with the lavender and peach. This jam is Worthy of a scone slathered with butter. Eat it while lounging in an oversized wicker armchair in the early morning sun.
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Worthy Strawberry Cardamom Jam

Cardamom is the perfect supporting flavour in this unique strawberry jam. The exotic aroma of the cardamom perfectly compliments the brightness of the strawberries. Perfect on toast with peanut butter or cream cheese. Show your guests they're Worthy of the best and pair Strawberry Cardamom Jam with Paive cheese and seedy crackers.
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Worthy Vanilla Rhubarb Jam

Slather almond butter and Vanilla Rhubarb Jam onto thick slices of warm homemade bread. Go ahead- you're Worthy! Let your palate be dazzled!
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