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International Foods

00 Pizza flour

Flour 00 – LA NAPOLETANA From the expertise and passion of Molino Dallagiovanna, LA NAPOLETANA is a perfect ’00’ soft wheat pizza flour for making an excellent Neapolitan Pizza, with a particularly soft and bubbly outer crust, the succulence and the flavours of the finest ingredients in the world, as required by the original recipe and the real tradition of Naples. The flour has been studied and developed by technical experts, together with the best Neapolitan Pizza Chefs and it has been officially approved and certified by the famous national Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (AVPN). Ideal for direct working with a medium rising time (at room temperature up to 12 hours). Description : MEDIUM NUTRITION FACTS (100g) Energy values: Kcal 343 / KJ 1436 Protein: 12,0 g Fats: 0,8 g saturated fats: 0,10 g Carbohydrates: 74,00 g sugar content: 1,00 g Fiber: 3,0 g Salt: 0,002 g CONSERVATION: store the product in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place at a temperature below 25 °C/77 °F SHELF LIFE: 12 months
  • $4.00

1 Dozen Beef & Rice Cabbage Rolls

1 dozen beef & rice cabbage rolls set in tomato juice.
  • $18.00

2 Borscht Soup (32oz)

Delicious beet soup with veggies.
  • $20.00

2 Dozen Beef & Rice Cabbage Rolls

2 dozen cabbage rolls with beef and rice set in tomato juice.
  • $32.00

3 Dozen Potato & Cheddar Perogies

3 Dozen Potato & Cheddar Perogies.
  • $18.00

3 Dozen Potato Cheddar & Bacon Perogies

3 Dozen Potato Cheddar & Bacon Perogies.
  • $18.00

Admiral’s Tea Chest Gift Package

Reap the rewards of the Admiral’s adventures and experience five different Earl Grey blends, including classic Earl Grey, Admiral Grey, Eight Bells, Taeping, and Cape Doctor Rooibos, along with a Tea Trader caddy spoon. A perfect gift for yourself or the Earl Grey enthusiast in your life. Read more about the Voyages of Admiral Grey.
  • $60.00

Adobo Hot 250 g

Mexican adobo, marinate your ribs, chicken, pork,
  • $8.20
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  • $8.00$12.00
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Almond Stuffed Olives

Greek spices marinated almond stuffed olives.
  • $8.70

Amanda Luksusrogn – Pressed Cod Roe

A Scandinavian specialty food item immensely popular across all Nordic countries - really smooth and creamy. Excellent on rye bread. 200 g. Product of Denmark.
  • $7.50

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