International Foods

Venco Droptoppers Salmiak and Mint

A combination of the school chalk and rondos. 287 g.
  • $7.25

Venco English Licorice Mix

Sweet, soft licorice. 127 g.
  • $3.95

Venco Farm Animals Licorice

Hard and salty farm animal shaped licorice. 173 g.
  • $3.95

Venco Licorice Cats

Strong, sweet, hard licorice cats. 166 g.
  • $3.95

Venco Licorice Coins

Coin shaped sweet licorice. 168 g.
  • $3.95

Venco Mint Licorice Buttons

Salty licorice covered in hard mint candy. 173 g.
  • $3.95

Venco Salmiak Rondos

Slightly crunchy black licorice balls, salty. 250 g.
  • $7.25

Venco School Chalk Licorice

Hard mint candy coating over soft, sweet licorice. 152 g.
  • $3.95

Venco Soft and Sweet Licorice Mix

Soft and sweet licorice mix. 287 g.
  • $7.25

Whiskey Marzipan Chocolate Bar by Anthon Berg

Highest grade marzipan covered in chocolate, made by the King of chocolate in Denmark.
  • $3.95

White Asparagus – Large

Prized above green asparagus in Denmark. 370 ml.
  • $5.95

White Asparagus – Small

Milder and more delicately flavoured than its green counterpart. Used in a variety of Danish dishes. 212 ml.
  • $4.25

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