Scandinavian Imports

Amanda Luksusrogn – Pressed Cod Roe

A Scandinavian specialty food item immensely popular across all Nordic countries - really smooth and creamy. Excellent on rye bread. 200 g. Product of Denmark.
  • $7.50
  • $5.95
  • $5.95
  • $6.45

Beauvais Rødbeder – Large

Danish pickled beets. 860 g.
  • $10.95

Beauvais Rødbeder – Small

Danish pickled beets. 570 g.
  • $5.95

Beauvais Rødkål – Large

Danish red cabbage. 850 ml.
  • $10.95

Beauvais Rødkål – Small

Danish red cabbage. 550 ml.
  • $5.95

Bornholms Fiskeboller – Fish Balls

Fiskeboller or fish balls are one of the most classic Scandinavian foods used in a variety of dishes from soups, savoury tarts or even in a white sauce served with potatoes. 375g. Product of Denmark.
  • $7.50

Cognac Marzipan Chocolate Bar by Anthon Berg

Highest grade marzipan with cognac, made by the King of chocolate in Denmark.
  • $3.95

Dan Sukker Pearl Sugar

Often used to decorate Danish baked goods because it won’t melt in the oven. Product of Denmark. 400 g.
  • $6.50

Danish Cornichoner Pickles

330g. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.50

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