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2 Packages Shoulder Chops 4 pc 6 oz Lamb Burgers 2 lb Lamb Ribs 2 Lb Lamb Loin Chops 3 lb Boneless Leg Roast
  • $170.00

Boneless Leg of Lamb

Succulent boneless leg of lamb roast Season and place in a shallow roasting pan Whole shoulders are approximately 4 lbs, half roasts are approximately 2 lbs
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Cracked Pepper Lamb Jerky

Cracked Pepper Flavored Lamb Jerky Perfect for every occasion Take it hiking or skiing for a flavorful protein snack Available in 3 different flavors
  • $10.95

Ground Lamb

Order by the package 1 package weighs 500 g check out our website for a delicious shepards pie recipe
  • $18.00

Half Lamb

Box includes : 1 Piece Frenched Rack of Lamb 2 Pieces Lamb Shanks 1 Bone in Leg of Lamb Roast 2 Packages Lamb Loin Chops 1 Piece of Lamb Sirloin 1 Package Lamb Neck Fillet 1 Packages Lamb Shoulder Chops 1 Boneless Shoulder Roast (small roast) 1 Package Lamb Ribs 3 lbs Ground Lamb 2 lbs Lamb Stew Meat 1 liter container Bone Broth Approx weight 20 lbs
  • $350.00

Lamb Bone Broth

Order by the package Bone broth is trendy, and for good reason. It’s a great way to incorporate extra collagen into your diet in a convenient form. This bone broth will gently coat the mouth with gelatin–a rich drinking experience. Chef suggests serving the broth in a mug, infused with a bit of rosemary and, lemon and cracked pepper. 800 ml
  • $14.00

Lamb Burgers – 6 oz

Order by the package 1 package contains 4 x 6 oz burgers Great for the bbq or cook in the oven 100% lamb, no fillers or spices
  • $29.30

Lamb Loin Chops

Order by the Package 1 package weighs approximately 1 lb with four chops in a package Best for the BBQ or pan fried with garlic and thyme
  • $22.50
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Lamb Ravioli

Order by the package The easiest and tastiest meal! Made by Soffrito with Lambtastic Lamb Shoulder
  • $15.95

Lamb Ribs

Order by the package Each package contains approximately 2 lbs Braise or BBQ these beauties for an appetizer or main meal Easy to cook and enjoy
  • $25.80

Lamb Sausage – Bratwurst

  1 Package contains 5 sausages, and weighs 500 grams Cook on the bbq, frying pan or oven contains - lamb, water, salt, onions, spices
  • $24.95

Lamb Sausage – Chorizo

Order by the package 1 Package contains 5 sausages and weighs approximately 500 grams Cook on the bbq, frying pan or oven Contains - lamb, water, salt, onion, spices, chilli peppers
  • $24.95

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