Nuts For You Box

A gift for any occasion, this box contains: Maple Walnut Granola, Organic Mango, Salad Sensation Mix, Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Dark Chocolate Cranberries, Birthday Cake Almonds, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Energizer Granola Bar
  • $70.00

Sweet and Salty Mix

Variety is the spice of life!
  • $9.75

Tom’s Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark, rich chocolate. Product of Denmark.
  • $3.25

Tom’s Guld Heksehyl Chocolate Bar – Licorice and Chocolate

European flavour combination favourite - chocolate and licorice together. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.95

Tom’s Guld Karameller Chocolate Bar – Caramel

Rich combination of chocolate and caramel. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.95

Tom’s Guld Milk Chocolate Bar

Creamy milk chocolate. Product of Denmark.
  • $3.25

Tom’s Guld Skilppade Chocolate Bar – Caramel Rum Turtle

Milk chocolate bar with soft rum toffee filling. Product of Denmark.
  • $5.95

Tom’s Milk Chocolate with Candied Almonds Bar

Creamy milk chocolate with candied almonds. Product of Denmark.
  • $2.95

Tom’s Orange Chocolate Bar

A favourite combination of chocolate and orange. Product of Denmark.
  • $3.25

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