12 Fat Bombs Variety Pack

Sold by: The Keto Cache

Can’t decide which fat bombs you want?

Grab a 12 pack of our cream and chocolate based fat bombs and try them all!

1 net carb each.


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GF/DF Chocolate Cookies

You really won't miss the bad ingredients when your cookies taste this amazing! 6 in a package, these DF cookies are a must for those with dietary restrictions.
  • $9.60

Butter Rum Specialty Fat Bomb

Butter Rum specialty Fat bombs are a decadent boost for your day. Sold in packages of 4. 2 net carb
  • $14.40


Craving something that has it all? Then you have to try our new OMG bars as they live up to their name! 4 net carb, 28 fat, 5 pro and 290 cal per square.
  • $9.60

Salted Caramel Chocolate Based Fat Bomb

Salted caramel chocolate fat bombs are almost like truffles. Sold in packages of 4. 1 net carb
  • $14.40

GF Almond Bread

As close to white bread that we can make that is gluten-free, sugar free and keto friendly. Loaves cut into 12 slices and are 1.5 net carb per slice, 15 fat, 6 pro, 145 cal.
  • $19.20

GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies... that don't taste like they are missing sugar and gluten which make them a big win in the cravings department. What's better? Sold in packs of 6 Only 1 net carb per cookie! 12 fat, 3 prot, 130 cal.
  • $9.60

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