Alberta Mint Blossom Honey

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Greek orzo salad is an ideal meal for pasta lovers!  Ingredients such as orzo, artichokes, tomatoes, olives and Feta cheese dressed with Greek salad sauce, makes it a perfect healthy lunch choice.
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New South African Harvest Nociara

 Country of Origin: South Africa Robust Intensity Crush Date: Jun 2020 TASTING NOTES  A unique varietal with a sweet fruity nose. This oil has beautiful complex layers. Notes of green berry, artichoke leaf and green tea. There is a delayed bitterness and pungency, with a light pepper finish. A great balanced finishing oil.         *Biophenols: 514.2 ppm           FFA:  0.22           Oleic Acid: 68.8                       Peroxide: 8.4       DAGs: 93.5                            *PPP: <1.0       Squalene: 4,347.9 ppm           A-Tocopherols: 378.0 ppm                                   *As measured at the time of crush*
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Chile Ancho

Chile Ancho Mild 50 g

Dry hot peppers, smoky flavor
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