Smoke’n Season Beef Spice Rub

Sold by: Alpine Sausage

Spice blend that is a perfect pairing for beef.


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  • Store Name: Alpine Sausage
  • Vendor: Alpine Sausage
  • Address: #23, 3919 Richmond Rd SW
    Calgary AB T3E 4P2

Venco Droptoppers Salmiak and Mint

A combination of the school chalk and rondos. 287 g.
  • $7.25

Danish Hotdogs (Pølse) – 6 pack

Danes take their hotdogs very seriously and pølser could easily be considered one of Denmark's national dishes. It seems as if there are hot dog stands on every corner in Denmark. Different to the hotdogs found in Canada, these are a bit thinner and much longer - designed specifically to hang out the sides of the bun. Contains gluten.
  • $9.50
  • $9.75

Danish Dark Rye Bread (Rugbrød)

Traditional recipe - an absolute staple in Denmark. Perfect for open-faced sandwiches!
  • $11.00

Swedish Christmas Ham (Julskinka)

Delivery on Dec 22 only. A traditional Swedish Christmas Ham - cured and brined but not smoked. Bone-in, pink and in netting - it is tender, juicy and delicious! Just add your mustard crumb topping and you are set to feast! God Jul! Approximately 3 kg.
  • $60.00

Danish Birkes – 6pk

Birkes is to Denmark, what the croissant is to France. A flaky and buttery pastry topped with poppy seeds.
  • $6.50

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