Bison, Chuck Roast 1.5 lb

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The classic pot roast. Braise for best results.

Premium bison meat sustainably ranch-raised on Canadian grasslands. No hormones, no antibiotics – just pure powerhouse protein.


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Danish Italian Salad

A traditional Danish condiment with peas, carrots, macaroni and mayonnaise. Approx. 250g. Price shown is an estimate. Price is $1.55/100g and will depend on actual weight of the product.
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Lemon Verbena

From Morocco, large uncut leaves infuse to give a pale yellow, light bodied drink with characteristic lemon aroma and taste. Package Size - 125g
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Cedarberg Sunrise

Rich earthy, nutty rooibos blended with the creamy sweet spice of vanilla bean. Package Size - 125g
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Golden Monkey

This striking black tea (resplendent with large golden buds reminiscent of curled monkey paws) is rich, smooth and full bodied with deep earthy notes and an underlying sweetness of cedar and honey thrown in. Package Size - 125g
  • $21.00

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