Bison, Ribeye Steak 10oz

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The bison ribeye is a tender, juicy and flavourful steak. A classic steak house cut. Bison cooks more quickly than beef so for the best eating experience, use a meat thermometer and don’t cook past medium.

Premium bison meat sustainably ranch-raised on Canadian grasslands. No hormones, no antibiotics – just pure powerhouse protein.


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Nahorhabi Golden Tips

This year's Golden Tips is bright and rich with notes of cooked sugar and stone-fruit. Medium body and good strength. The Nahorhabi Estate is named after the beautiful ‘Nahor’ tree. One side of the garden is covered by a dense forest, and in a commitment to protecting the environment and uplifting ecological balance of the area, regular plantation of trees in the fallow areas of the garden is carried out. Package Size - 125g
  • $21.00

Katjes Salty Herring Licorice

Strong, soft and salty licorice. 200 g.
  • $3.95

Organic Rooibos

A fermentation stage during manufacture gives these needle-like leaves more body than most infusions. Rooibos has a distinct, delightful flavour, amber colour in the cup and is enjoying an increase in popularity. Package Size - 125g
  • $13.00

san pietro

+/-150 grams, italy - cow's milk - pasteurized, a firm, savoury, slightly sweet cheese with developing protein crystals, a pleasant buttery & long finish. the entire wheel is encased in beeswax to help maintain its humidity
  • $13.50

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