Brown Bread- SLICED

Sold by: Glamorgan Bakery

A loaf of our 100% whole wheat bread, sliced. This is for UNSLICED Bread


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  • Store Name: Glamorgan Bakery
  • Vendor: Glamorgan Bakery
  • Address: #19, 3919 Richmond Rd SW
    Calgary AB T3E 4P2
  • $7.50$11.50
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Black Truffle Oil

This late fall, early winter truffle is used in the making of this savoury oil.  A 'Tea Method' is utilized which steeps the ripe truffles for extended periods of time in olive oil.  The closely guarded, proprietary process yields this heady, complex Black Truffle Oil. No extracts or chemicals are used in its' production. Fantastic in cream-based soups, risotto or mashed potatoes.
  • $15.00$85.00
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Rose Pasta Sauce.

Slowly melted parmesan cheese with garlic onions and herbs meets Italian tomatoes filling your day with the best of both worlds (tomato sauce - cream sauce)
  • $7.50$11.50
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Ginger Beef Jerky

Full rich ginger flavour – not too sweet. Approx. 80g. Real beef, not pressed meat.
  • $6.50

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