GF Boston Cream Cheesecake

Sold by: The Keto Cache
Our Boston Cream Cheesecake is one of our greatest creations for cheesecake lovers. Comprised of a light and fluffy cake layer, creamy cheesecake and topped with a thin layer of chocolate, it’s a must try.

5 net carb, 35 fat, 9 prot, 390 cal.


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GF Carrot Cake

Soft, moist and delicious carrot cake. Gluten-free, sugar free and with just enough carrot to make it taste grate to keep it keto. Sold in packs of 4 for $15. Only 3 net carb, 26 fat, 7 pro and 290 cal per slice
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GF Seed Bread

A dense and delightful seed bread that toasts and boasts an amazing flavour. Cuts into 16 slices. 3 net carb per slice, 300 cal, 9 prot, 24 fat.
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Mmmmm Peanut Butter... need we say more? Sold in packs of 6 2 net carb, 8 fat, 5 prot, 100 cal
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GF Peacan Pie Cheesecake

Pecans, caramel, chocolate, cream cheese all in one means you might be ordering a whole cheesecake after you've tried it. 6 net carbs, 34 fat, 9 pro, cal 390.
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Caramel Chocolate based Fat Bomb

Caramel chocolate fat bombs are almost like truffles. Sold in packages of 4. 1 net carb
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GF Snickerish Bars

Sold with 3 squares per package, our snickers bars will curve that hunger and keep you on track! Only 3 net carb, 12 fat, 2 prot and 130 cal.
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