GF No Bake Cookies

Sold by: The Keto Cache
No bake, haystack, call it whichever but one thing is for sure, they are amazing.

Sold in packs of 6.

Only 1 net, 10 fat, 1 prot, 100 cal.


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GF Peacan Pie Cheesecake

Pecans, caramel, chocolate, cream cheese all in one means you might be ordering a whole cheesecake after you've tried it. 6 net carbs, 34 fat, 9 pro, cal 390.
  • $18.00

GF Brownie Cookies

We make sure they don't look pretty because they taste too great. Sold in packs of 6 Only 1 net carb, 4 prot, 14 fat, 170 cal.
  • $9.60

GF/DF Chocolate Cookies

You really won't miss the bad ingredients when your cookies taste this amazing! 6 in a package, these DF cookies are a must for those with dietary restrictions.
  • $9.60

12 Fat Bombs Variety Pack

Can't decide which fat bombs you want? Grab a 12 pack of our cream and chocolate based fat bombs and try them all! 1 net carb each.
  • $21.60

GF Maple Pecan Donuts

Our new Maple Pecan donuts are so popular you are taking your chances not ordering ahead! Light and fluffy donuts topped with a vanilla glaze and crushed pecans will have you asking for 2 and coming back for more! Net 3, Fat 16, Pro 4, Cal 190
  • $4.80

GF Cinnamon Loaf

You won't believe our cinnamon loaf is dairy free, gluten-free and sugar free as it is top shelf for flavour and is so moist you will swear it's full of butter! Net 4, Fat 27, Pro 10, Cal 330. Marco's are based on each loaf sliced into only two servings but most people cut it into four.
  • $11.95

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