GF Seed Bread

Sold by: The Keto Cache
A dense and delightful seed bread that toasts and boasts an amazing flavour.

Cuts into 16 slices. 3 net carb per slice, 300 cal, 9 prot, 24 fat.


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GF Chocolate Donut

Who doesn't love a donut? Soft and decadent, you can't go wrong with a 2 pack of our chocolate donuts that are only 1 net carb, 16 fat, 4 pro and 160 cal each.
  • $12.00

GF/DF Bounty Cups

If you have ever enjoyed a Bounty Bar, these Bounty Cups are for you! Dark chocolate and coconut butter says it all! Sold in packs of three and only 2 net carbs!
  • $9.55

GF Strawberry Cheesecake

This light, strawberry cheesecake is topped with a light cream floret and tastes like summer! Boasting 4 net carbs, 26 fat, 7 prot & 300 cal.
  • $18.00

Chocolate Fat Bombs

Made with our special walnut paste, chocolate, cream and oils, our chocolate fat bombs are almost like truffles. Sold in packages of 4. 1 Net carb each
  • $7.20

GF Sandwich Buns

Soft, tasty, gluten-free, keto buns are great for sandwiches, hamburgers or dinner rolls. 3 net carb, 11 pro, 20 fat and 290 cal.
  • $12.00

GF Reeses NO bake Cheesecake

Creamy Peanut Butter, chocolate crust and a dark chocolate top tastes better than the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! 4 net carb, 19 fat, 6 pro, 220 cal.
  • $18.00

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