Last Mile – Dark Roasted Blend 400 g

Sold by: Five'21 Roasters

The Five’21 Coffee Roasters Last Mile Blend highlights our best specialty beans of each season, blended together for a soulful cup of dark roasted coffee designed to fuel you through to the last mile. Each season we meticulously select our favourites and create our roasters’ special blends, working alongside with a Barista to refine the taste. All of our coffee is small-batch roasted for maximum quality.  We hand-sign each bag. World traveller?  Us too.


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Open Road – Medium Roasted Blend 400 g

Whether cycling, running, or early morning driving towards that next mountain adventure, Open Road is that morning cup to get you there and to keep you going on those long stretches of asphalt. We understand those early mornings out on the Open Road, there shouldn’t be a sacrifice on the quality of your fuel for that intentional day. Pour it in a to-go cup and it’ll feel more rewarding than enjoying it in your pjs at home. No mistaking this blend though, you’ll appreciate it the same while planning or dreaming up that next Open Road adventure.   This smooth, enjoyable medium roasted blend is the right cup of coffee to join you for those adventures.   The right mix of beans from the world’s experts in coffee growing, the right taste from the regions who have mastered coffee growing many years ago.
  • $16.99

First Break – Light Roasted Blend 400g

Light roasting leaves intact the delicate fragrances of premium beans, sourced from the finest organic African and South American sources. You will pick up lovely citrus and fruit notes in this blend that that will leave you excited to start the day.
  • $16.99

Merry & Bright – Medium Roasted Holiday Blend 400 g

The Holiday Season is upcoming, we've created something special and unique to get you through the cold. Merry & Bright is a masterpiece of flavours. Smooth and nutty with a spice..... Just like sitting around the fire with your family. We all have those family members who are nutty and those a little spicy. Notes of black currant, oolong tea, cocoa nibs, and a natural sweetness. This Medium Roasted Blend will fill all the days of the holiday season with extra special joy! Grab it now, it's on for a limited time! 
  • $16.99

Decaf – Dark Roast 400 g

Your search for good decaffeinated coffee in Calgary is over - THIS is your blend.   We're confident saying that, because we put a lot of heart into creating a great decaffeinated coffee with the perfect combination of flavours. Tasting notes:  Balanced and fresh, easy on the palate.  We are confident in saying this is one of the best decaffeinated coffees you'll experience in Calgary.  :)
  • $16.99

Brazil Medium Roast 400 g

Brazilian beans shine if you enjoy milk or cream in your coffee - especially lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.  Brazilian beans are a staple for many people who love their medium roast coffee with a nice body to it that is smooth and easy on the palate. These beans produce notes of milk chocolate, Brazil nuts and hints of toffee and are small-batch roasted with artisanal methods.
  • $16.99

Blue Bird – Medium Roasted Blend 400 g

Combines the rich, earthy cocoa notes of South American beans with our premium African beans for a slight fruit note.  We think it is the best of both worlds.  This is our signature blend that leaves us excited to wake up each morning and have a coffee. Each season we meticulously select our favourites and create our roasters' special blends, working alongside with a Barista to refine the taste. All of our coffee is small-batch roasted for maximum quality. 
  • $16.99

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