Traditional English Breakfast Bundle

Sold by: Alpine Sausage

For Brits, the traditional English breakfast is almost a national institution. Sometimes also called a “fry-up”, this full breakfast bundle includes pork breakfast sausages, brown beans, free-range eggs and real British Rashers from Alpine Sausage; cherry tomatoes and mushrooms from Cherry Pit; and white bread for toast from Glamorgan Bakery. The tea pairing from Tea Trader is a proper English Breakfast tea. Serves 4.


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  • Store Name: Alpine Sausage
  • Vendor: Alpine Sausage
  • Address: #23, 3919 Richmond Rd SW
    Calgary AB T3E 4P2
  • $11.95
  • $5.95

Turkey Pepperoni – 3pk

Moist and mildly spicy. Contains no gluten, binders, fillers or starches. It's just meat and spice. SCD, Paleo, Keto
  • $6.75

Oven Roasted Turkey

Turkey breast, brined then oven roasted - that's it. There are also no binders, fillers, sugar or starches. Zero points for Weight Watchers followers. Approx. 200g. Price shown is an estimate. Price is $4.00/100g and will depend on actual weight of deli meat. SCD, Paleo, Keto
  • $8.50

Danish Hotdogs (Pølse) – 6 pack

Danes take their hotdogs very seriously and pølser could easily be considered one of Denmark's national dishes. It seems as if there are hot dog stands on every corner in Denmark. Different to the hotdogs found in Canada, these are a bit thinner and much longer - designed specifically to hang out the sides of the bun. Contains gluten.
  • $9.00

Turkey Garlic Coil Sausage

Full flavoured garlic with pops of whole mustard seed. Ready to eat - just slice and serve! Perfect for charcuterie boards or kids lunches. Contains no gluten, soy, binders, fillers, starches or icky bits. It's just meat and spice. Natural pork casing. Approx. 500g. Price shown is an estimate. Price is $2.00/100g and will depend on actual weight of sausage. SCD, Paleo, Keto
  • $9.00

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