Delivery day is June 16. Taste the legend - it's Man vs Meat! Available only once a year for Father's Day, these meat trophies are not just a steak - they are an Alberta Beef masterpiece. The MANCAVE STEAK is our biggest and very best steak of the year - a 42-day, dry-aged prime rib. Designed to give Dad the meat sweats, he'll be raving about it all year. Please book early as we sell out every year. When ordering select June 16th as your delivery day.
  • $55.00

Loaded Potato Salad – 500 ml

This potato salad is simply fabulous - rich and creamy, lots of bacon and cheese with sharp green onion.
  • $10.00

Anthon Berg – Cherry in Rum

The King of chocolate in Denmark. Chocolate covered marzipan. 8 pieces.
  • $12.95

Black Pudding

Nothing like what we Canadians call pudding, this traditional British sausage has been made from blood, suet and a bit of oatmeal for centuries.
  • $10.00

British Bangers

British Bangers are the quintessential English sausage, forever immortalized by the classic Bangers and Mash combination prevalent across the UK.
  • $12.00

Cumberland Sausage

A distinctive English sausage - not linked but long and coiled. Mild flavour.
  • $15.00

British Rashers

Yes, this is the real stuff. Not smoked, back bacon with streaky bacon still attached, rind on for good crackling - heaven! 4 slices.
  • $12.00


A traditional German blood and tongue sausage. Package of 4.
  • $12.00

Toad in the Hole Meal Kit

A crisp, buttery Yorkshire pudding embedded with traditional British Bangers and onion gravy, Toad in the Hole is an iconic British dish. Meal kit includes all instructions and ingredients you need to make the recipe from Alpine Sausage, as well as Mesculin Salad Mix from Cherry Pit. Tea pairing is Mr. Maxey's Own, a favourite from Tea Trader. Serves 4.
  • $50.00

Scotch Eggs Meal Kit

A British gastropub staple served hot or cold, Scotch Eggs give you an amazing taste contrast between the creamy yolk and crispy sausage. Meal kit includes peas, instructions and all the ingredients you need to make the recipe from Alpine Sausage and carrots and Russet potatoes from Cherry Pit. The perfect tea pairing from Tea Trader is classic Earl Grey. Serves 4.
  • $58.00

Traditional English Breakfast Bundle

For Brits, the traditional English breakfast is almost a national institution. Sometimes also called a "fry-up", this full breakfast bundle includes pork breakfast sausages, brown beans, free-range eggs and real British Rashers from Alpine Sausage; cherry tomatoes and mushrooms from Cherry Pit; and white bread for toast from Glamorgan Bakery. The tea pairing from Tea Trader is a proper English Breakfast tea. Serves 4.
  • $58.00

Classic Beef Wellington Meal Kit

Beef Wellington is a show-stopping centerpiece that would make any Brit proud. It features the ultimate in luxurious beef roasts, the tenderloin, and is wrapped in decadent pate, prosciutto and puff pastry. Meal kit includes all the ingredients and instructions to make the Beef Wellington from Alpine Sausage, as well as white baby potatoes and broccoli from Cherry Pit. Meal is perfectly paired with Strathdon PF1, a 100% Ceylon, strong and full tea from Tea Trader. Serves 4.
  • $125.00