Cinnamon Chili Flat Iron Steak

A tasty duo of cinnamon and chili take center stage with a bit of light cumin and oregano playing background. Complex, exotic and absolutely divine! Goes perfectly with couscous. Very fast to prepare - just sear then let cook for 4-6 minutes depending on meat doneness preferences. Can also be pan fried. Slice thinly and serve - bursting with flavour and so tender!
  • $17.00

Amanda Luksusrogn – Pressed Cod Roe

A Scandinavian specialty food item immensely popular across all Nordic countries - really smooth and creamy. Excellent on rye bread. 200 g. Product of Denmark.
  • $7.50

Bornholms Fiskeboller – Fish Balls

Fiskeboller or fish balls are one of the most classic Scandinavian foods used in a variety of dishes from soups, savoury tarts or even in a white sauce served with potatoes. 375g. Product of Denmark.
  • $7.50

Gestus Røget Torskelever – Smoked Cod Liver

Traditional Danish cuisine staple. Usually served on bread or toast. 120 g. Product of Denmark.
  • $4.50

Sunny Sauce Skirt Steak

This one is a must-try! The marinade is simply outstanding - fresh lime, cilantro and garlic. Grill it or pop it in the crockpot, then toss it over a tortilla or pita. Your taste buds will be celebrating!
  • $20.00

Taveners Wine Gums

These are the good ones, just like you remember. Real wine gums! 1 kg. Product of UK.
  • $12.95

Lemongrass Spatchcock Chicken

A wonderful, exotic tasting chicken that cooks in a flash - 45 minutes and it's on your table. Spatchcock chickens lay flat and cook far faster than whole chickens.
  • $24.00

Grilling Greatest Hits

Get down to the greatest grilling hits of summer! This variety pack includes 2 thick and juicy NY Strip Steaks, 2 free range chicken breasts, 4 smoked bratwurst sausages, 2 garlic beef burgers, 2 beef pepper bacon burgers, 2 smoked pork chops and 2 beef tenderloin steaks.
  • $135.00

BBQ Hero

This BBQ pack is designed to make you a BBQ hero! No advance planning need - we make it easy with meats that are already marinated to perfection and ready to throw on the grill for a taste experience you soon won't forget! Variety pack includes: 1 lemongrass Spatchcock chicken, approx. 1 lb of sticky and saucy chicken drumsticks, 2 Greek souvlaki pork chops, approx. 1 lb of tandoori chicken wings, 2 beef bacon burgers, 4 smoked Alpine sausages and 2 beef tenderloin steaks.
  • $100.00

Maple Jalepeno Beef Bacon

Sweet with a bit of heat. Made from beef brisket.
  • $9.00

Happy Campers Bundle

Nature is calling! This is the ultimate grab and go bundle for camping! Bundle includes 4 garlic burgers, maple bacon, 4 Jalapeño Cheddar Smokies, 1 Torill's Table Original Waffle/Pancake Mix, 2 Original Beef Jerkies, 4 Summer Sticks and 1 dozen free range eggs. Now, you're on your way!
  • $75.00

Jalapeño Cheddar Smokies – 4 pack

A summer favourite - nice bit of heat with cheddar. Contains gluten.
  • $10.50