Carrot Cake – 8 Inch

An 8 inch carrot cake iced with cream cheese icing along with sliced almonds on the outside edge. No nuts or raisins in the cake. One layer of cake and is not filled.
  • $30.00

Raspberry Scones (6)

Includes 6 fresh raspberry scones.
  • $7.00

Butter Tarts (6)

Our classic butter tart packs a lot of flavour for its size, perfect gooey, crunchy texture. Contains raisins and no nuts. Package of 6.
  • $7.90

Blueberry Scones (6)

Includes 6 fresh blueberry scones.
  • $7.00

White Sandwich Bread – SLICED LENGTHWISE

Looking to make sandwich rolls? stuffing? finger sandwiches? Grab an sandwich bread, SLICED Lengthwise for the perfect sandwich.
  • $3.25

White Sandwich Bread – UNSLICED

Need bread for stuffing, here is the perfect option! Easy to take the crusts off and cube because of the square loaf!
  • $3.25

White Sandwich Bread – SLICED

Our Classic white bread in a square shape
  • $3.25

7″ Cake of the Month; Banana Choc Chip

Flavor of the Month: Banana Chocolate Chip Our White Cake, filled with Banana Chocolate Chip Diplomat (Vanilla Custard/Whip Cream), topped with Whip Cream Icing with cookie crumbs on the side.  The cakes are FROZEN when they leave in the morning.
  • $35.00

Best of Glamorgan Bakery ( Rasp. Br, Cheese Buns, Cinnamon Twists, Iced Shortbread)

Never been here before?  Try out some of our top products with this package: Raspberry Bread - Perfect for breakfast (French toast or just toast) 6 Cinnamon Twists - Coffee time snack anyone? 6 Cheese Buns - good all the time! 1 dozen Iced Shortbread - our most popular cookie, iced with seasonal colors.
  • $28.00

Vienna Loaf

Need something to put your spinach dip with? Grab a vienna loaf, its the perfect size for your large dip!
  • $3.00

Chocolate Chip Buns (6)

Need something sweet? Love chocolate? Try our chocolate chip buns, same delicious dough as our cheese buns but we subbed out the cheese for chocolate! Available in packs of 6.
  • $7.50

7″ Chocolate Ganache Cake

Our chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache then topped with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate ganache drizzle. Cakes will be FROZEN for delivery, please allow 2 hours to thaw on your counter or overnight in the fridge.
  • $31.90