Hot Cross Buns, Gluten Free

An Easter favourite made gluten free
  • $7.95

Saskatoon Pie, Gluten Free 8″

Delicious local saskatoons make this such a great pie!
  • $15.95

Apple Pie, Gluten Free 8″

The classic apple pie made gluten free. SOOOO Good!
  • $13.95

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Gluten free 8″

Our popular gluten free strawberry rhubarb pie!
  • $14.95

Blueberry Pie, Gluten Free, 5″

Our delicious gluten free blueberry pie, prefect for 2
  • $9.95

Valentine’s Skeleton Sugar Cookies 2 Pack

Skeletons in Love! 2 Pack of these traditional sugar cookies
  • $10.95
  • Out of stock

Gluten Free Red Velvet Valentine’s cake

A Delicious Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake with Cream cheese Icing
  • $17.95

Gluten Free vegan Valentine’s Cake

A Cute 2 person cake for that someone special.
  • $16.95

Coffee Cakes Gluten free

4 Delicious individual gluten free coffee cakes
  • $12.95

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins GF Vegan

A Deliciously moist super chocolatey muffin. Gluten Free and vegan
  • $15.95

Low Carb Trimcea Hamburger Buns

A perfect low carb bun for the prefect hamburger. 10 net carbs per bun
  • $4.75

Low Carb Trimcea Multi Flax Bread

A superb low carb bread for sandwiches. 6 net carbs per slice
  • $7.50