We're not just another delivery service.

We're the Best of Calgary Foods.

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Shopping on Best of Calgary Foods is like strolling through the finest food boutique you can imagine. Every piece of produce is glistening fresh, the smell of bread baking wafts heavily in the air and the variety of tempting products is seemingly infinite. The best of everything edible is in front of you. While this foodie heaven is actually an online marketplace and not a single, physical store, all those beautiful food products really do exist around Calgary and you have easy access to them, from the convenience of your home or office.

Best of all, you can skip the mark ups and membership fees of other food services and purchase directly from the people who make, handle and care about the foods. They are experts buzzing about how to make the best honey and brewing with excitement about a collection of the finest teas around. Best of Calgary Food vendors have great diversity, from the crispest apples in any season to the tastiest zucchini loaf, as well as everything in between. And did we mention there’s alcohol? Cross yet another errand off your list and get beer, mead, hard kombucha, cider and wine added to your order.

Here are the members of our community and a brief description of what they’d like to contribute to your dream grocery list. As you will see they are indeed all local, expert, artisanal and eager to serve. Bon appetite!

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